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MFY REMIX Prom 2021

Relive your favourite moments from the Prom

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"A deliciously refreshing mix of spoken word, orchestral music, choral works, rap, jazz, percussion, movement, digital content, poetry, pop, solos, and every other musical combination"

- Music Teacher Magazine

Roles for Young People

We're working with a number of Young People, this includes young presenters for our live event, as well as behind-the-scenes roles. This includes a Social Media Reporter, who will work with our marketing department before, after and during the prom, a Podcaster, a Video Interviewer and a Written Reporter. 

The Creative Project

This bespoke creative project, which was rehearsed for the first time together on the day of the concert, involved up to 2,000 young people and was led by composer Tim Steiner.

This project was free to take part in, and we invited young people in musical groups to take part, whether those groups be a school class, a Music Hub group or an independent group.

Music For Youth is grateful to the Royal Albert Hall for their support of this event through a charity discounted let. This is one of the many ways in which the Hall, which is an independent registered charity, supports others in the charitable sector.

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