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Music Mentors

Music for Youth’s Music Mentors are a highly valued part of our work and play a vital role as the face of the organisation at events and beyond.

Our Music Mentors are the ‘eyes and ears’ of Music for Youth, feeding back on performance standards, making recommendations for progression opportunities within our programme, giving expert advice via our new ‘Mentor on Call’ scheme; and contributing to the development of specific programmes and resources.

Developing young artists forms a vital part of our work and music mentoring is central to this.  Our Music for Youth Mentors are respected professional musicians and music educators working across the musical spectrum, and together we support hundreds of groups and individuals with their unique musical development. 

MFY Mentors are present at all our events, including the Regional and National Festivals, providing all participants with access to advice from experts in their field.  

Mentors offer critique and support to all participants, whether in person at an event, or in the form of written feedback or an online Mentor-On-Call session. 

Role of a Music Mentor

  • Offer constructive feedback (written/verbal) on a live or digital performance to encourage young musicians and creators of all ability levels, supporting both young people and their teachers/group leaders.
  • Make recommendations for progression opportunities within the wider Music for Youth programme
  • Provide light touch ongoing support through a specific opportunity or initiative
  • Join a review panel assisting Music for Youth in its programming and curation of national events
  • Provide direct expert advice, support and feedback via our Mentor on Call Scheme.

The role of the Music Mentor is crucial in ensuring that all of our events and projects feel supportive for all participants and are a celebration of hard work and achievement at every level.

A Music for Youth Mentor is:

  • An experienced musician, performer, creator or associated music industry professional, with an interest in supporting young people, and experience in an educational context
  • A musician with varied experience of music-making with a range of groups, familiar with a range of learning styles
  • Familiar with the music education sector
  • Confident at speaking in public (for live events)
  • Someone with a positive attitude who prioritises encouragement and constructive support whatever the ability level

Music for Youth works with young people and music leaders reflecting all backgrounds and all musical styles from classical to jazz, and from world through to urban and electronic music. Therefore, we need a pool of Music Mentors who reflect that wide range of music, backgrounds, and approaches to learning, to ensure we can offer both credible and meaningful feedback.

Become a Music Mentor

We are always keen to hear from experienced musicians, artists and industry professionals interested in joining our pool of Music Mentors. We look to refresh and review our pool of Music Mentors on an annual basis and are happy to receive applications all year round. However, please do keep an eye on our website and social channels for any specific openings.

Training and support are provided to anyone joining the Music for Youth Mentor pool.

To express your interest, please email with your name, contact details, area of expertise, experience and an up-to-date CV.

“With one group, all of their heads were just in the music, and weren’t communicating as an ensemble. I was talking a bit about that and suggested that post-covid they could change formation, or do it in a circle. Just a really little thing- and the teacher said ‘Oh I hadn’t thought of that’! Sometimes it’s simple stuff but helpful to be able to bring this in to support the teacher.”

Nicola Wydenbach, MFY Music Mentor

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