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Soundscape Series

Join MFY Music Mentor Neil Valentine in our free, interactive virtual music workshop series, proudly supported by NEU, and created especially for primary school-aged children.

In this series, Neil will show you how to create your own soundtrack through five fun and engaging YouTube sessions.

Following on from the success of Create your own musical Soundscape, part of The Future is Now LIVE in December 2020, our Soundscape Stories series will help your class, group or young person gain the skills they need to create their own soundtrack by covering a different element of the creative process.

The workshops are recommended for ages 7-10. These educational and engaging resources can be used in the classroom or at home, in groups, bubbles or by individuals.

Workshop written and performed by Neil Valentine / @valentineneilmusic © 2021

Soundscape Stories 1


Dive into a world of musical textures and see how you can combine different types of sounds to make rich and vibrant soundscape using just your body and some simple instruments. You will be drawn in as we explore the musical soundtrack of a very special forest where you will create your own music that adds magic and mystery.

Soundscape Stories 1


Welcome to Soundscape Stories! A series of free, interactive music workshops created especially for primary school-aged children, brought to you by Music for Youth Music Mentor and workshop leader, Neil Valentine.

Find out how you can use simple words and phrases to make fun and exciting rhythms that will help tell your story. In this workshop, you will take a walk down a mysterious path and find out what is behind those trees using musical rhythms. Neil will break down how you can use a pulse and a tempo to keep your rhythms strong and how to make your own ostinato (repeated rhythms) for your own stories.


Soundscape Stories 2:


We all love a good tune! But how do you write one? In this workshop, Neil will show you how you can use simple codes and chance to help choose the notes you like and make your own melodies. There really isn’t much to it - just find a simple way to make some musical decisions and go for it playing simple melodies which tell the stories of two creatures in the forest; a bird and a spider. How will they sound? Watch to find out!

Soundscape Stories 3


Now you have all the elements of music you need to create a musical story, you will complete the Forest Walk narrative and Neil will show you a simple three-part structure and a really easy graphic score which you can use to help you remember how your music goes!

Soundscape Stories 4


Now you have a completed piece of music with texture, melody and rhythm, Neil will show you how to bring it all together in this final workshop of the series. You will learn how to rehearse your final piece and how to perform and record your music so you can share your hard work with friends, family and Music for Youth!

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