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Recorded Media Consent Policy

Music for Youth Events 2024 – Recorded Media Consent

(Photography/Recorded Images) Music for Youth promotes and will promote its activity through recorded media taken from its events. This material will contain images of children that have participated in MFY events. The interests and the welfare of children taking part in Music for Youth activities is paramount, therefore MFY has put in place various safeguarding procedures. These safeguards will help to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect children and young people from the inappropriate use of their images in resources, media publications, on the internet and elsewhere.

MFY will seek permission from parents/guardians of children via designated responsible adult group leaders to televise, record or photograph the performance(s) of all children performing with a group by the use of any medium during the Music for Youth Programme of Events. If permission is gained MFY may use the recorded media for the following purposes:

• broadcasting any such recording or selling, hiring or otherwise making those sounds and images available in any audio, video or audio-visual form to the public without restriction

• making photographs available to the public without restriction

• using these sounds and images for publicity of the work of Music for Youth, anywhere in the world and retaining copies of the recordings and photographs in Music for Youth archives for use in future publicity for an unspecified time.

Permission will be sought via a Recorded Media Consent section of event registration forms through the Music for Youth website. If consent is declined MFY will inform its photographers and film crew in advance of the performance to ensure no recording is made of the child in question. MFY will also advise audience members not to take photos/film of the group in question and ask venue stewards to assist in enforcing no photography/filming by the audience for the performance. However MFY is not responsible for any recordings made by members of the public, despite its best efforts to ensure this does not happen.

The following should and will be considered when deciding what images and recordings to make use of:

• Never supply the full name (first name and family name) of the child or children along with the image/recording

• Only use images of children in suitable dress

Official photographers or film crews engaged by MFY will be required to sign a contract to ensure the images are not misused and that no one else can gain access to the original copies. Depending on the role required of them by MFY they may be required to have a DBS check. MFY would never engage a photographer or film crew to work unsupervised away from the event location with children. MFY will always inform groups when an official photographer or film crew has been engaged at an event.

Photographs at events taken by MFY staff and volunteers may be used for official use, where deemed suitable, so long as they meet the conditions already set out above. It is not acceptable for MFY staff and volunteers to take photos or make recordings at events for their own personal use which contain images of children. Any press or broadcasting companies wishing to attend events will be required to carry identification as deemed appropriate such as an MFY Press Pass. Groups will be informed that press may wish to take photos or film their group and given the opportunity to decline even if they have given permission via the Recorded Media Consent Form. Members of the audience are permitted to take photos of groups, as many will be parents of the children participating. MFY will inform group leaders that if they have any concerns regarding inappropriate or intrusive photography, these should be reported to a member of MFY staff at the event.

Specific examples of previous usage of images and recordings by MFY include the MFY website, social media sites (Youtube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok), MFY Proms DVD (for sale), official photographer website (for sale), press coverage – newspaper, radio and television, MFY printed literature. Consent can be withdrawn at any time by emailing


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