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What it's like being a Young Presenter at the MFY National Festival

LDEEA talks to us about her experience working at the 2022 National Festival

An old soul with young energy defines LDEEA; a singer, songwriter, and presenter who writes songs that contain key wisdom with a breath of fresh air. 

Having studied art, the foundations of an LDEEA song are descriptive imagery used to evoke different emotions, what she likes to call ‘sonic storybooks’.

Taking inspiration from anything she feels a connection to, LDEEA’s musical influences are quite vast; Jazz, R&B, Indie, and Ambient music being at the top. Her goal is to inspire people with her music and for it to be used as a comfort blanket or a lightbulb moment. 

Currently working on her debut EP, she has created a collection of songs that focus on self-love, growth, and development; she hopes to shine a light on what has been a very hard time for the world under the current circumstances.

You can follow LDEEA here

We spoke with LDEEA about her experience of being a Young Presenter at our National Festival, and what she thought of the Industry Day. Click below to listen to the interview.

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Abbie Strowbridge-Knight

Abbie works as part of the MFY communications team, managing content for the website and for MFY's social media. She has a background in performing arts and many years' experience in marketing and communications. She also recently completed her CIM Level 4 qualification.

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