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Meet our Marketing team!

Now you've been introduced to our CEO, Phil, we thought it was only right that we told you who else works at Music for Youth. In this blog you'll get to know our Marketing team; Rebecca and Abbie!

Marketing and Communications Manager

Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca joined Music for Youth in March 2021 and oversees Marketing and Communications at Music for Youth, with the aim of strengthening the MFY brand, reaching new audiences and building on our relationship with young people. Before MFY, she worked in the film, TV and publishing industries in various Marketing roles and has also lived and worked in Spain. She has worked on some exciting projects, including the European release of The Amazing Spiderman films and launches of Disney books in Spain and South America. 

After working for quite a long time in big, corporate companies, Rebecca wanted to do something that has a social impact like Music for Youth does (in a huge way). She loves music but has completely forgotten how to play and read music from when she played the piano and flute at school so is inspired herself by the amazing, talented and confident young musicians we work with. Rebecca was also attracted to MFY being quite a small team and having more freedom when it comes to executing ideas and marketing campaigns.

Her favourite thing about working at Music for Youth is seeing first-hand at our live events how much young people absolutely love performing live music.  

In her spare time Rebecca listens to music and go to gigs! Some of her favourites have been Foo Fighters, Antony & The Johnsons at the Royal Opera House, Gnarls Barkley, U2 in Madrid, and most recently, Coldplay at Wembley. She also started a side-hobby design business in lockdown. Apart from that, she loves cats, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Digital Content Executive

Abbie Strowbridge-Knight

Abbie joined Music for Youth in April 2022 as our Digital Content Executive and she manages content for the website and for MFY's social media. Abbie has over five years' experience in marketing and communications with a demonstrated history of working for charities and membership bodies and has also recently completed her CIM Level 4 qualification.

Outside of work, Abbie has a background in performing arts, training at the New York Film Academy's Los Angeles campus, Pineapple and BASE dance studios.

She joined the Music for Youth team because she wanted to merge her passion of marketing with her love of performance. – Abbie’s more of an actress and dancer but loves watching musicals and she loves the feeling of walking onto a stage to perform. Abbie listens to a variety of musical genres, and loves going to concerts. She’s recently been to see Jessie J in London and was fortunate enough to go to Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester benefit concert in 2017.

Abbie continues to enjoy social media in her down time and is an active content creator on TikTok and Instagram, where she has a combined reach of 5.3 million and this continues to grow. She also spends a lot of her spare time with her friends and family, walking her Cockapoo dog, Daisy, or attending dance classes.

About the author

Abbie Strowbridge-Knight

Abbie works as part of the MFY communications team, managing content for the website and for MFY's social media. She has a background in performing arts and many years' experience in marketing and communications. She also recently completed her CIM Level 4 qualification.

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