Teachers, Parents, Students! Have your say in the Take Music Further Survey

  • 21/05/18

The future of music education is in your hands


Whether you're a young performer, parent, teacher, producer or listener, the Music Commission wants to hear from you.

The Take Music Further survey is open to all and is looking to gather information about the opportunities and barriers different people have faced, and currently face, in making progress in music.

So no matter your age, if you are involved in music in any way at all, be that currently taking music, or learning an instrument, teaching music, leading a group of musicians or supporting your own young people on their musical journey, the music commission wants to hear from you!

The survey closes on the evening of 1st June 2018

Take the Survey


The Music Commission was launched in July 2017, tasked with exploring how to better sustain and support progress and progressing in learning music.

Cut to now, and on 5 March 2018, The Music Commission launched its first call for public evidence, with a survey questions around the role of progress and progress in the development of a musical life.