Massed Ensemble Projects 2020: Call for Proposals!

  • 26/07/19

Massed Ensemble Performance Projects for 2020: Call for proposals!

Each year, Music for Youth presents Massed Ensemble Performance Projects at each of its spectacular MFY Proms showcase concerts in London’s Royal Albert Hall in November. The concerts showcase exceptional performances from some of the UK’s most creative, innovative and accomplished young musicians. They provide a snapshot of good practice in music teaching and learning currently taking place across the country. Massed Ensemble performance projects are the cornerstone of the Prom concerts, involving around half of each night’s 1,000 young performers.


2020 marks a very special milestone for Music for Youth as we will be celebrating our 50th birthdayOver the last 50 years we’ve supported more than 2 million young people and wwant to take this opportunity to recognise all the excellent music education work currently taking place across the UK. Ware therefore inviting you to consider putting forward your own large-scale performance projects to be presented as part of this special year These performances will be the cornerstone of the 2020 events and applications are now invited for Massed Ensembles to be part of our special 2020 50th Birthday Prom and associated events 


Through these large-scale Massed Ensemble projects, we aim to offer opportunities to a broad range of young people and ability levels, directly tackling diversity and inclusion, supporting innovation, ambition and good practice and presenting regional partnerships on national stages.  


Call for Proposals

Music education providers and arts organisations are invited to submit Massed Ensemble Performance Project proposals for the MFY National Festival in July 2020, and for the MFY Prom concerts in November 2020.


What we would like to support:

  1. Innovation – e.g. repertoire approach, way of working, performance practice, use of technology

  2. Collaborations between different groups (any age, between 4 and 21 years)

  3. Good practice in teaching and learning, as demonstrated in the performance

  4. Opportunities for young people to take part in something beyond their normal experience, meet young musicians they would not otherwise meet and work with artists they would not otherwise have had the opportunity to work with. We are interested in presenting the work of a wide group of young people, not just the very best performers.

  5. Audience development – active involvement in securing an audience for your performance


To apply

Please complete the online application form, taking account of the criteria and key facts outlined In the Guidance for Applicants and demonstrating how your project matches what we would like to support.


Deadline for proposals: 12 noon, Friday 13 September.


If you have any queries about the application process, please email Liz Coomb, Head of Programmes, at


Music for Youth welcomes proposals from existing partners, as well as from organisations we have not worked with previously.


We look forward to reading your proposals!