Jigsaw Jam

Jigsaw Jam, is a collection of short ensemble pieces for beginner instrumentalists. These can be played alone, or joined together in any order (like a jigsaw), to make one big piece.

The main piece is The Sky. This has parts for every instrument that is likely to be taught in a classroom or instrumental group. It can be performed with any combination of instruments along with a piano or backing track accompaniment.

The parts have been written as much as possible using the first three notes learned on each instrument. There is also a vocal part that can be added.

The other "pieces" that can be added to the "jigsaw" are for each instrumental section on their own (strings, woodwind, brass, recorders, pitched percussion, ocarinas, harmonicas, guitars and ukuleles). The pieces can be played from music, or learned by ear.

Jigsaw Jam can be played by any size of ensemble. It is a fun piece to celebrate the first achievement of learning an instrument.

Download the teaching resource using the button below, then choose the piece and parts suited to your group from the dropdown lists!

Download Jigsaw Jam Teaching Resource

Jigsaw Jam Backing Tracks

Backing tracks are available in two versions. "Performance" is for ordinary play, whereas "Practice" is slower in tempo to aid learning.

Listen to Jigsaw Jam Backing Tracks

For harmonicas


The Score


For beginner strings


The Score


Double Bass

Violins 1 & 2 

For ocarinas


The Score


For voice and ukulele





For pitched percussion


The Score

Pitched Percussion