Strength in Numbers is a new MFY commission, first performed at the Music for Youth Schools Prom on Monday 12th November by the Vivendi Sounds Bradford Massed Ensemble. Composer and multi-instrumentalist Joe Broughton and his team of musicians worked with 600 young people in the true spirit of collaboration, to create a new work which reflects the many folk traditions found in and around Bradford.

Joe and his team of musicians, all from the Urban Folk Quartet, led a series of workshops and rehearsals over a two month period to bring the piece together. At no point in the process did any of the musicians see notated music. Like a huge folk session full of energy and communication, all of the musicians have learnt the piece together by ear.

Due to the way Strength in Numbers was created there is no score to download. However, presented here, is an archive of material documenting the process of creating the piece and its debut performance.




Joe and the team recorded every part - melody and harmony - onto SoundCloud to aid the teaching of the piece. All the parts are here below if you would like to give it a go!


Download Lyrics

In part one of the piece there is a song called Recognise Me. Joe and some of the young people involved in the project wrote the words and you can download the lyric sheet here.


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