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About Infinity

Are you a teacher who wants to learn new and creative techniques to teach music? Through Infinity, Music for Youth helps to bring music and creativity to the classroom. It provides support and opportunities to non-specialist teachers and leaders to teach creative music making to 6 – 12 year olds.

Free online resource for teachers

At the heart of Infinity is the FREE downloadable resource pack with a 6 week programme of practical sessions to aid composition in the classroom.

Infinity Day

Find out more about our Infinity Day and register to get your tickets.

A Free Downloadable Resource Pack

For use in the classroom or other settings. This resource features practical tips and session plans to develop music projects, for you to use as you wish.

Download the resource pack: Download » pdf icon [PDF 644kb]

The resource pack is in provided in PDF format. A free PDF reader can be downloaded from:

Tickets to the National Festival Birmingham 'INFINITY Day'

 in Birmingham - Book now!

Experience a live Infinity session with Musical Director, Richard Frostick. Richard has extensive experience in teaching music and inspiring young musicians. The Infinity Day at the National Festival was a huge success in 2014 – don’t miss your opportunity to see him at work and learn from his technique first-hand.

The day includes:

  1. A mass workshop with all participating groups, presented by Infinity Director, Richard Frostick.
  2. Access to the wide range of performances taking place as part of the National Festival by other young musicians form across the UK.

Session Time: 10:30 - 12:30

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