Friday 12 & Saturday 13 June 2015
Times: Fri 10am - 7pm // Sat 10am - 8pm
Venue: The Platform, Glasgow

Keynote speaker, Keith Harris, Director of Performer Affairs at PPL/ Manager for Stevie Wonder - A MUST ATTEND SESSION

BEATBOXING WITH BIGG TAJ (Beginners) - 11:45-12:30
Glasgow born Bigg Taj shares his craft with aspiring young beatboxers. Want to learn from one of the top three UK beatboxing champions? Sign-up!

OFF THE RECORD - Getting Ahead - 12:00-12:45
Are you interested in working in music but not sure how to get started? What are the essential skills you need? What are the different pathways into the music industry? Find out how the best young professionals in the business got to where they are today, and how you can follow in their footsteps.

BEATBOXING WITH BIGG TAJ (Technique) - 13:30-14:15
For those who have had some experience and want to hone their skills Sign-up!

OFF THE RECORD - Getting Connected - 13:30-14:15
Having a strong network of contacts is one of the most important aspects of developing a career in the music industry. Hear from the best in the business about how to get yourself out there, make connections, and where and how you begin to build your networks.

OFF THE RECORD - A day in the life - 14:30-15:15
Ever wondered what people in the music industry actually do? Hear about the average day of a record label A&R, concert promoter and artist manager, the skills they use to carry out their work and ask any burning questions you have about working in the business.

TINA JORDAN REES: COMPOSITION - 14:30-15:30 - Only 10 places available
Composition in Traditional Music - a session with Tina Jordan Rees, Composer of the Year Nominee 2014, MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards. Delve into the exciting world of tune writing in traditional music. Learn about and try techniques and methods for composing contemporary tunes inspired by traditional Scottish and Irish music.

Carol Laula (one of Scotland’s finest singer-songwriters) & David Scott (Frontman for Pearlfishers) lead an exciting collaborative workshop. Not to be missed!

BEHIND THE NOISE - 15:30-17:00
Everything you need to know about gigs (practical session)

Behind the Noise is a ‘real world’ music and business education programme developed by Scotland’s Music Hall of Fame and Doghouse Studios. The aim is to inspire and engage with students who have a keen interest in music and the various careers available within the industry. Sign up for this in-depth, practical session on stage at The Arches. For young bands wanting to develop their knowledge.  

Gain top industry advice on how to market yourself in the music industry today

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