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You will be aware that in 2014 the legislation changed regarding Performance Licensing. It is important that, as a national youth music organisation, Music for Youth complies with this legislation. 

We have put together specific guidance regarding your responsibilities as group leaders. You can find that guidance here. It is essential that you read this, and comply with the requirements prior to the event your group is taking part in. You must bring with you all documentation regarding your young people and the accompanying adults, as well as letters of authorisation from head teachers. We have devised a special form for this purpose, which doubles as your Fire Register, required from MFY on the day of your performance. You should use this form, for all data about your entire group, whether or not the licensing applies to them, and reference the guidance on sheet 2 for instructions regarding those affected (under 16 years). Please also note that when inputting the date of birth (or age) of students, the form automatically calculates whether the licensing legislation applies to them. 

Please ensure that you print your completed form on A3 paper for ease of reference at the event. 

IMPORTANT: All group leaders MUST carry all required documentation with them at all times. This includes,

  1. MFY Child Licensing Participant List and Fire Register
  2. MFY BOPA Chaperone List
  3. Head Teacher Letter of Authorisation (Template)

Without these, the local authority reserves the right to prevent groups from performing.

Supporting Information

All relevant documents, and templates for your use, are downloadable below.

If you have any queries, including which of your students are affected, please call Kate Gardner on 020 7759 1830 or by email on

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Chief Executive 

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