The MFY National Partnership Awards: West Sussex County Youth Orchestra and London Philharmonic Orchestra

Date Published:5 February 2014
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Members of the West Sussex County Youth Orchestra talk about performing at the Royal Festival Hall with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

The West Sussex County Youth Orchestra (WSCYO) joined the London Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO) in the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank, London to perform together as part of the LPO’s BrightSparks concert series aimed at GCSE and A-Level music students.

WSCYO attended a day’s rehearsal on Sunday to prepare for the performance and get to know their LPO desk partners.

One young musician remarked,

"It was an amazing experience – really nice to realise that the LPO are normal people too. Nice to see that they also play on phones and chat when they shouldn't. I feel honoured to be part of WSCYO and to have experienced such a magical rehearsal with a passionate conductor and humorous and gifted players."

The WSCYO rehearsed two pieces with the LPO, ready to perform on stage at one of London’s iconic music venues.

David Bennet, Deputy Head, West Sussex Music,

"The experience of rehearsing and performing with the LPO over two days has surpassed all expectations - from younger members who have been inspired like never before, through the spectrum to our oldest and most advanced players who have relished the opportunity to work closely with professional musicians and engage in conversation with them, not only about musical elements, but also key areas such as auditions and next steps!"

The WSCYO experience was part of the MFY National Partnership Awards 2013. The LPO awarded the WSCYO following their performance at the National Festival 2013 in Birmingham.

Alexandra Clarke from the LPO said,

"The London Philharmonic Orchestra’s participation in the MFY National Partnership Awards has helped shape how we work with young musicians. Offering the opportunity to rehearse and perform with the Orchestra, on a national level, showcases what we do in terms of Education and Community. It also gives us the opportunity to meet some really incredible young musicians, and create some hopefully long-lasting links with those musical communities.

It was incredible to watch the WSCYO players interact musically and socially with our LPO players, and we hope that the experience will stay with those young musicians for a long time to come."

The West Sussex County Youth Orchestra performing at the Royal Festival Hall with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

MFY would like to thank the London Philharmonic Orchestra for hosting the MFY National Partnership Award for Orchestras.

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