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Date Published:22 November 2013
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Could your business benefit from being part of the MFY story?

We are currently developing a new business club where local businesses can benefit from an association with MFY, by providing goods or services to our substantial network of schools, educational partners and other MFY Business Club members.

Membership of the Business Club will give you:

  • Opportunities to promote your products and services to our wide network of schools and education organisations across the country
  • Direct contact with our network at MFY regional and national events
  • Brand exposure via a special area on our website

Through the MFY Business Club, your business could increase your customer base, gain feedback on your products through direct contact with our sector partners, develop new business links through other business club members at networking events and benefit from an association with an established, national music education charity supporting young people's music making.

Why MFY?

Our commitment:
We are passionate about creating life changing experiences for all young musicians regardless of their background, abilities or previous musical experience. We know these kinds of opportunities can be vital to give them the confidence and skills to succeed in life.

Our reputation:
We have an unparalleled reputation for delivering spectacular showcase events, concerts and festivals, including the annual Schools Prom at the Royal Albert Hall - the highlight of the music education calendar.

Our audiences:
We work with young people, teaching professionals, parents, music education organisations, schools, music education hubs, community organisations, arts venues

Our reach:
With the support and dedication of our many volunteers and the MFY team, we involve around 40,000 young people in MFY events each year, with another 20,000 as audience. Nearly 90% of them are from state-schools.

"We at Tower have gained immense satisfaction from being associated with MFY because the dedication and professionalism of the staff to improve young people’s lives is an example to all of us. Taking our customers to The Schools Proms demonstrates what good work MFY does and adds another dimension to Tower as a business"

Kerry Howells, Managing Director

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If you are interested in helping us develop our business club, or would like to discuss other sponsorship opportunities, please contact Lynn Simmonds on 020 7759 1834 or

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