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Date Published:3 September 2013
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11-13 NOVEMBER 2013

Would you be interested in some exciting hands on experience of volunteering at three concerts at the Royal Albert Hall?


Music for Youth is a national music education charity providing free performance opportunities for young people aged 21 and under through an annual season of nationwide festivals and concerts.


These three concerts, held at the Royal Albert Hall, are the culmination of the Music For Youth season and showcase high-quality performances from some of the UK's most creative, innovative and energetic young musicians. 3,000 young musicians will be invited to the Schools Prom following their performances at MFY's National Festivals.

"Three hours of the most inspiring music making I've heard all year."
Tom Service, The Guardian


The Schools Prom is a huge artistic and logistical undertaking and we need committed, enthusiastic people to come and join our team to help us deliver these ambitious three concerts. We want everyone that attends our events to get the most out of them and we want you to help us make sure that they get the most from their experience. We also hope that it will be a valuable opportunity for your own career development.


If you apply to volunteer with MFY at the Schools Prom then you will be joining a small but busy team as an Events Assistant helping in the production and execution of these three different and dynamic concerts. If your application is successful, your role would involve some or all of the following:

  • Assisting with The Massed Ensemble
    Every evening at the Schools Prom we have a different Massed Ensemble perform. This is an extremely large group of between 500-700 young musicians from a different area around the UK. This year we have massed ensembles from Essex, Lincolnshire and Cornwall. Your job is to meet, direct and assist with the organisation of the Massed Ensemble during their time at the Royal Albert Hall. You and the other Massed Ensemble Assistants will be supervised by a member of the MFY team. With a group as large as this, their arrival and movements around the building need to be carefully planned. This will include the safe storing of their belongings and packed teas, seating them for their rehearsal, and ushering them around the building for their tea break and for the start of the concert. You will be part of the team that ensures that this is managed efficiently. The Massed Ensembles each day are very different so you will be given an exact schedule on your arrival.
  • Assisting the Communications Team
    Our Communications team have a very busy day preparing for all the guests and VIPs who come to the concerts. Your role would be to assist them with ensuring that all the VIP boxes are ready.
  • Donation Collecting
    As a charity, we rely on sponsors’ and funders’ support to run these events and to continue our work with 100,000 young people across the country. MFY place collection envelopes on the seats in the Royal Albert Hall. Announcements will be made throughout the concerts asking people to make donations. Your job is to stand in one of the doorways at the end of the concert and make sure that everyone drops their donations (their envelope or cash) into your collection bucket. You will need to be as proactive as possible in this whilst still being professional at all times. If you are a Massed Ensemble Assistant, you will be required to be a donation collector on each evening that you are with us.

You don't necessarily need to have lots of experience, just lots of enthusiasm and an interest in music and events.

  • You must be over 18 years of age.
  • You must be based in London for the duration of the time that you are working with us as we unfortunately cannot provide accommodation.
  • You must be available for one hour on the week commencing Monday 4 November to join the MFY team for a briefing. Exact time and date TBC.
  • Massed Ensemble Assistants will need to be available between 12:00-18:30 on at least one of the days; Monday 11, Tuesday 12 or Wednesday 13 November.
  • Donation Collectors will need to be available from 20:30-22:00 on at least one of the days; Monday 11, Tuesday 12 or Wednesday 13 November.
  • If you are required to do both roles you will need to be available from 12:00-22:00 on at least one of the days mentioned above.
  • These opportunities are volunteering opportunities. However, MFY will provide each Massed Ensemble Assistant with a donation of £25.00 to cover travel and costs within London and provide each Donation Collector with £15.00 per evening. The donation cost for doing both roles throughout the day will come to £40.00 per day.

You will need to send your C.V and a short covering letter explaining why you would like to be considered for a placement to Déarbhaile Nairn (dnairn@mfy.org.uk / 020 7759 1837). You may also be required to undergo a brief informal telephone interview after the initial stage of the application process.

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