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Date Published:14 December 2011
Category:All News
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MFY Chief Executive Lincoln Abbotts has written about MFY's launch in Scotland for the the December issue of the Scottish Education Journal. The article reflects upon the Perth Prom and covers the exciting events that MFY, in partnership with Creative Scotland, will be presenting in Scotland next year. The Scottish Education Journal is the magazine of the Educational Institute of Scotland, the largest teaching union in Scotland.

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September 2016
October 2016
Sat 08 October
Frequencies, Bristol
Mon 10 October
Aldeburgh Primary Prom
Wed 12 October
London Primary Prom
Sat 22 October
Frequencies, Manchester
Mon 24 October
Frequencies, Newcastle
November 2016
Mon 14 November
Music for Youth Proms
Tue 15 November
Music for Youth Proms

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