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Date Published:2 November 2011
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The Schools Prom is fast approaching. Full details about the evening can be found at, however, here’s some useful information to help you make the most from your evening.

Audience Tickets Still On Sale
Tickets are selling fast, but there’s still a limited number available for the Monday and Tuesday evenings.

Schools Prom T-Shirts & Hoodies
T-shirts and hoodies are available to order both before and after the Schools Prom. Add your group name to make a fantastic memento of your trip to the Schools Prom.

Schools Prom DVD
Black Swan Film and Video will be producing a DVD for each night of the Schools Prom. Available to order now, don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to relive the magic of the 2011 Schools Prom.

Schools Prom Photos
MFY official photographer Chris Christodoulou Hon. RCM, will be making a wide range of photos from all three nights of the Schools Prom available for purchase after the event.

Schools Prom Online
There’s more Schools Prom content and coverage online than ever before.

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