Music for Youth returned to Scotland with Exchange 2016

Date Published:9 March 2016
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Exchange 2016

Earlier this month, Music for Youth returned to Platform, Glasgow with Exchange, a music event inviting young musicians, industry professionals and organisations from across Scotland to perform, collaborate and get ahead in the music industry. 

Exchange, produced by Music for Youth in association with Platform, Glasgow, saw over 400 young musicians, all aged 21 and under, perform their music, take part in industry panel discussions and workshop their music alongside industry professionals and performers. Guest speakers included Craig Armstrong, world renown composer of modern orchestral music, electronica and film score and also Fiona Hyslop, Scotland's Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Europe and External Affairs.

Young performers were able to learn from established artists and industry professionals by taking part in workshops hosted by Scotland’s award-winning music industry convention and showcase event Born to be Wide, one of Scotland's leading singer-songwriters, Carol Laula and industry panels led by Pearlfisher's front man David Scott.  

Musicians also got their music heard, performing live for audiences across the two days with MFY Music Mentors, offering each group feedback on their music and areas for development to take their music further.  

One young musicians said, “I really enjoyed my performance and interacting with the audience. I've got some really good feedback. It's given me a confidence boost and I feel like I have more direction and know exactly where I want to go."

The two day event was hosted by BBC Radio Scotland presenter Vic Galloway who networked with young musicians, offering advice and tips on getting their music out there.

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Exchange was delivered by Music for Youth in association with Platform and has been supported with funding from the Scottish Government’s Youth Music Initiative administered by Creative Scotland, Youth Scotland, and the Educational Institute of Scotland.

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