MFY National Festival Highlights - Day 2!

Date Published:8 July 2015
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MFY National Festival 2015 - Wednesday Highlights

Royal Albert Hall Choirs Stage, Symphony Hall
Choirs large and small took to the stage today in the iconic Symphony Hall. The repertoire couldn’t have been richer, ranging from Mozart to the Beatles and Rossini to Adele. However, one thing that remained consistent was the impressively high standard! Adey Grummet, Music Mentor put it perfectly – ‘today was a blisteringly exciting choral treat of a day!’

Interactive Zone, Level 3 Foyer Symphony Hall
There is so much going on in the Festival outside the mainstage sessions! Today’s Interactive Zone welcomed Aldeburgh Music, who delivered their ‘Friday Afternoon’ workshops to groups of primary school children. In between, there was singing filling the whole foyer by groups taking part in the National Youth Choirs taster sessions.

Pop-up performances across the city
The National Festival grew even more and spread further across the city today! We had an accapella group who appeared in Caffe Nero in Brindley Place –their stunning vocal arrangements were the perfect accompaniment to people’s lunchtime coffee!

Be sure to check out today’s Storify and image galleries to catch all of today’s highlights – bring on day 3!


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