MFY National Festival 2015 kicks off

Date Published:7 July 2015
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MFY National Festival - Tuesday Highlights
Today marked the first day of the annual Music for Youth National Festival. It kicked off to a flying start this morning as hundreds of young musicians flocked into the city to perform on some of the county’s most iconic stages, whilst many more came to experience the music, take part in workshops and soak up the festival vibe. Scores of school children carrying their instruments across the city is quite a sight to be seen! Below are just a few of today’s highlights:

Royal Albert Hall Choirs Stage, Town Hall:
The standard of the choirs that took to the stage today was impressive from the start. With ages ranging from 6 to 20 years old and musical styles ranging from Handel to Dolly Parton, the 

The National Children’s Orchestra of Great Britain, Festival Tent: 
The Festival Tent was bursting at the seams when the full National Children’s Orchestra poured into perform. They played with real momentum and energy – a lunchtime treat for all of Birmingham!

Infants and Juniors, Symphony Hall:
Choirs of all ages, string ensembles, Ukuleles, and have you ever seen a Junk Band? One impressive percussion group brought a party to the stage with instruments all made out of junk – traffic cones, shopping trollies and even the kitchen sink!

A fitting message came from Music for Youth’s Artist in Residence, Joe Broughton, during his composition workshop in Birmingham Conservatoire this afternoon: 'the number one thing you should always remember for the rest of your lives when playing music is to play with energy!' 

This certainly summed up today's music making! And if today’s is anything to go by it’s going to be an electric week in Birmingham.

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