Exchange 2015

Date Published:29 June 2015
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Earlier this month, MFY delivered a new music event in partnership with Education Scotland, inviting  young musicians, industry professionals and organisations from across Scotland to perform, collaborate and get ahead in the music industry. 

Exchange, which took place at Platform, Glasgow on the 12 and 13 June, saw hundreds of young musicians, all aged 21 and under, perform their music, take part in industry panel discussions and workshop their music alongside industry professionals and performers. Guest speakers included Keith Harris, Director of Performer Affairs for PPL, who inspired audiences by sharing his experiences of managing some of the industry’s best known artists, including Stevie Wonder.

Young performers were able to learn from established artists and industry pros by taking part in workshops hosted by Scotland’s award-winning music industry convention and showcase event Born to be Wide, top UK beatboxing runner up Bigg Taj, and 2014 Composer of the Year Nominee, Tina Jordan Rees.  

Young musicians also got their music heard and performed live for audiences and MFY Music Mentors, who offered each group feedback on their music and areas for development to take their music further.

One young musicians, aged 17, said, “by going to Exchange I now know more about what to do to get into the music industry. I also learned more about what I need to think about to protect myself as a musician, through connecting with organisations such as Musicians’ Union… I enjoyed performing to the professional musicians. The feedback I got on my music was really useful and has given me something to work on in future.

The two day event was hosted by BBC Radio Scotland presenter Vic Galloway who networked with young musicians, offering advice and tips on getting their music out there.

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Exchange was funded by the Youth Music Initiative through Creative Scotland and Education Scotland.


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