The Primary Proms - Birmingham and Sheffield

Date Published:16 April 2015
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New Inspiration for the Next Generation of Sheffield and Birmingham
Young Musicians

The Primary Prom concert series for this academic year officially ended in style at Sheffield City Hall on Tuesday 24th March with morning and afternoon performances from some of the city's brightest and most talented musicians.  The event, enjoyed by children aged 7-11 years old, was led by Pete Letanka, professional jazz musician and Artistic Director of Glyndebourne's Youth Opera.

At the Sheffield Primary Prom, the audience exceeded 4,000 young people and teachers and was opened by Bents Green Special Sounds' with their own interpretation of Mussorgsky's Night on a Bare Mountain. This piece instantly captivated the audience with the incorporation of technology, creating an atmosphere evocative of the mythic theme of the composition.

The remainder of the day was a treat of percussion ensembles, choirs and orchestras and even included a performance of the Jathiswaram, the classical South Indian dance, which enchanted the audience with its rhythms and the traditional costumes of the young dancers.

Further south in Birmingham, Symphony Hall was the venue for the Primary Proms performance in February 2015.  Again, thousands of young people joined their teachers for a diverse music programme, presented by Neil Valentine: from choirs to dhol drums, jazz and pop. All of the musicians were indicative of the excellent talent and diversity of the region, supported by music teachers and educational professionals to perform on the day.

The new year of Primary Proms are already in the planning stage with the first of season’s event to be scheduled in London's Royal Albert Hall in the autumn term.

One teacher who attended, who was astounded by the quality of the performance said,“The children were surprised to see "expert" young musicians involved in the concert. The range of instruments being played was also of particular interest to them.”

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