MFY Regional Festival Series 2015

Date Published:16 April 2015
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MFY Regional Festival Series showcases innovation in music performance.

Junk percussion, opera, jazz, beatboxing and classical music was just a snippet of what revellers heard at the 2015 Regional Festivals held in March and February.  Once more, the series of the events showcased an exciting and innovative range of music performed by young people.

Featuring nearly 40,000 young musicians (60% were new to MFY events), 50 festivals were held throughout the UK. Combined, the regional festivals offered groups of young performers the opportunity to get their music heard in the world’s largest youth music festival, particularly unique to the UK, and get feedback from Music Mentors. 

Alongside the live festivals, Music for Youth also received an unprecedented amount of recorded entries, whereby performing groups can submit online recordings of their music. Every group that submitted their performance online will also receive valuable feedback from Music Mentors, similar to the young musicians attending the live music events. 

Young musicians who took part have been fully engaged with MFY and have been generous in sharing their impressions about performing in the festivals:

“It’s important for me to perform well at the festivals, and it’s great to play live music alongside my friends. Another great thing about the festivals is listening to other talent. It’s a great atmosphere,”’ states one young musician, aged 16.

One group leader remarked that the festivals were “a fantastic chance for students to hear a range of quality performances and broaden their horizons.”  

Educators always play an important role in the success of MFY’s events. The regional festivals enjoyed a level of support for which MFY is continually appreciative. The perspective of one teacher was expressed as follows, “Listening to the talent is inspiring. The children’s jaws literally dropped with amazement at some of the group performances.”

“Music is fun and engaging. It brings people together,” said Lincoln Abbotts, Director of Strategic Development at ABRSM. “The Regional Festival Series inspires, and supports musicians of all levels and experience giving them the opportunity to perform live, to explore their creativity. That’s something we’re proud to sponsor.” 

Music for Youth would like to thank all the young musicians, their music teachers and leaders who took part in the festivals. Also, a special thanks to our festival partners and hosts without whom the scale of the series would not have been possible. 

The Regional Festival Series 2015 was sponsored by ABRSM, the exam board of the Royal Schools of Music. 

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