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Date Published:15 December 2014
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Birmingham Conservatoire host Warwickshire County Male Voices’ National Partnership Award

The Warwickshire County Male Voices were awarded the Music for Youth Partnership Award in Choirs sponsored by the Birmingham Conservatoire. The Choir travelled to the Birmingham Conservatoire on the 20th November to take part in a bespoke experience, led by a number of the Conservatoire leading academics and vocal specialists. Here is how their day worked out in the eyes of Libby Hall, Concert Manager, Birmingham Conservatoire…

The choir of 29 young singers and their group leader arrived ready for their coaching session with choral maestro Paul Spicer, who recently returned from delivering choral workshops in America and Moscow. 

The boys then toured the building with some of Birmingham Conservatoires current vocal groups where they had the opportunity to ask questions and get an idea of what it is like to study music at a Conservatoire, followed by further coaching with Daniel Galbreath, a conducting MMUS student. Simultaneously, smaller groups of singers were given a lesson with one of the leading vocal coaches at the Conservatoire, Christine Cairns.

The second part of the afternoon was coaching with an alumna of the Conservatoire, Myriam Toumi. Myriam currently works for, and sings with, Ex Cathedra. Alongside this, alumna Suzie Vango took small groups of boys for private lessons. 

The day ended with a wonderful informal performance where the boys presented the pieces that they had been working on throughout the day to Conservatoire staff. It certainly was an amazing performance where the choir demonstrated their professionalism and quality. 

Emily Bartlett from the Conservatoire said…

“It was so nice to be able to incorporate students, both old and new, into the day, who alongside the choir, benefited greatly from this. Warwickshire County Male Voices are an excellent choir and we hope to be able to work with them again in the future.”

Garry Jones, Director of the County Male Voices said…

“The whole day was a tremendously valuable experience for all concerned. A whole day’s coaching by recognised experts has led to a significant increase in our members’ understanding of vocal production, interpretation and ensemble. Our young men all agreed that this was an enjoyable and very productive day. It was made even more memorable by the way in which they were made to feel welcome by all the staff at the Conservatoire. In addition the guided tour by some very impressive students encouraged many of our members to think seriously about this choice of higher education. A great day – many thanks to all”.

Tom Boulton, a 16 year old tenor said… 

“I had a really good time and have learnt a lot. The choral sessions were really enjoyable and helped to improve our sound a lot. The small group sessions were valuable as each of us learnt ways in which we could improve our individual voice production. All the workshop leaders made the sessions fun and interesting as well as productive. We all feel we should have more of these days - so we’ll have to win another award soon!”

For a full list of National Partner Award recipients visit our awards page

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