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Date Published:10 December 2014
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Massed Ensemble Performance – Expression of Interest

Three MFY Proms concerts, held annually at London’s Royal Albert Hall, are the culmination of the MFY season and showcase high-quality performances from some of the UK’s most creative, innovative and energetic young musicians. Each year approximately 3,000 young musicians are invited to perform over the three nights. About half of them have been invited as a result of their performances at MFY National Festivals earlier in the year. The other half are involved in Massed Ensemble performances. 

Music for Youth showcases one ‘Massed Ensemble’ performance at each concert. These large scale projects are the way in which we can support innovation, ambition and good practice, and involve a wider range of young musicians than those who are there as a result of their performances in our core season of Regional and National Festivals. They also provide an opportunity for a particular region of the country to showcase their locally produced work on a national stage. 

An Invitation

We are inviting music education providers across the country to submit any large scale performance projects you are currently planning for 2015, for consideration as one of the 2015 MFY Proms Massed Ensemble performances at London’s Royal Albert Hall.  

What we would like to support

  1. Innovative work – e.g. type of repertoire, way of working, performance practice, mix of participants etc
  2. Collaborations between different groups (any age, between 4 and 21 years)
  3. Good practice in teaching and learning, as demonstrated in the performance
  4. Opportunities for young people to take part in something beyond their normal experience, meet young musicians they would not otherwise meet and work with artists they would not otherwise have had the opportunity to work with. We are interested in showcasing the work of a wide group of young people, not just the very best performers. 
  5. Audience development – through the Prom, our Massed Ensemble partners are crucial in promoting the diversity of young people’s music-making to a wider audience. Each year, Massed Ensembles relish the opportunity to showcase their work to over 500 supporters. 
What to do next

If you would like your project to be considered for inclusion in one of the 2015 MFY Proms concerts, please send us a short outline of your project (no more than two pages), taking account of the criteria and key facts outlined on the following page, and demonstrating how your project matches what we would like to support. Please take a look at the Project Criteria for more information on eligibility.

Project proposals should be emailed to by 12 noon on Friday 9 January. 

We will contact potential project partners to discuss the details of your project and its suitability during the week commencing 12 January, with a view to confirming the Massed Ensemble 2015 projects by January 30th. We will then put together a partnership agreement for sign off in February 2015. 

Music for Youth welcomes submissions from partners we regularly work with, as well as from organisations who have not been involved in the MFY Proms before.

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