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Date Published:3 December 2014
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Blog post by Anna Wyatt, Producer - Music In Verdi

The Music In Verdi concert series sees a wide range of musicians entertain guests in the new Verdi restaurant at the Royal Albert Hall, and Music for Youth is proud to provide two groups a term of young musicians to perform as part of this series. These concerts provide another platform for the huge pool of young musicians Music for Youth works with, giving them a chance to perform to a different type of audience - an audience of diners.

As a new member of the Music for Youth team, I had my first Music In Verdi experience in October of this year and was lucky to be treated to Steel Strum, a new and exciting duo made up of a steel pan, an acoustic guitar, a bass drum and a tambourine. The group perform all of their own arrangements and had the audience singing along with renditions of tunes from the classic Sting and Bill Withers to more modern artists such as Lorde and The Lumineers. The boys even had one of the Royal Albert Hall caretakers running up to meet the musicians responsible for the beautiful sounds he was hearing!

The Music In Verdi concert series hold no differentiation between its ‘professional’ and its ‘young’ musicians. And too right. At the end of November, Tomorrow’s Warriors Youth Ensemble took to the stage for a Friday lunchtime concert and audiences were wowed by the high quality of musicianship they watched and heard. This ensemble is made up of some of the best and most exciting young musicians that currently attend Tomorrow’s Warriors workshops, and each one of them treated the performance opportunity with the same professionalism I would expect from any musician twice their age.

I am pleased to announce we have now programmed our next two groups of young musicians to perform in the Verdi restaurant in Spring 2015: 

Both of these groups gave exceptional performances at our MFY National Festival in Birmingham earlier this year and I am looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us this time round. The restaurant is located at Door 12 of the Hall and the performances will be taking place between 12.00 and 13.00. So why not do something a little different with your Friday lunchtime and try out the new Verdi restaurant whilst enjoying live music from some very talented young musicians?

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