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Date Published:24 October 2014
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After several weeks of rehearsals, yesterday saw the initial meeting of the South Riverside Music Partnership massed ensemble choir at Blackheath Halls. 

Over 350 singers from schools and ensembles across Lewisham, Lambeth, Royal Greenwich and Southwark came together to bring Kerry Andrew’s piece The London Breed inspired by a Benjamin Zephaniah’s poem to life. And how impressed she was!

Under the baton of conductor, Tim Redmond, the choir had a fun filled day – involving an impromptu masterclass from beatboxer Trey Qua who is also taking part in the performance, a lesson in conducting from the maestro himself, and an insight into Kerry Andrew’s inspiration for the piece.

Next stop for the choir is the full dress rehearsal on 8th November where there’ll be joined by Junior Trinity Symphony Orchestra and Animate Orchestra.

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The South Riverside Music Partnership Massed Ensemble Choir perform on Wednesday 12th November at the MFY Schools Prom. 

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