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Date Published:13 October 2014
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Music for Youth (MFY) launches the Regional Festival Series 2015 giving 40,000 young musicians a chance to get their music heard. The Series, sponsored by the ABRSM, takes place between February and April 2015 with over 1,500 music groups performing in 50 festivals across the nation. 
The Series is open to groups of young musicians based in the UK, aged 21 and under, who are performing an eclectic range of music to any standard. The Regional Festivals are free to enter and offer young musicians a platform on which to perform anything from folk, world and roots to western classical and contemporary jazz through to urban and electronic music. 
Judith Webster, Chief Executive said: “We are pleased to launch our 2015 Regional Festival series, and look forward to celebrating the range and quality of music-making currently taking place both inside and outside of schools across the UK. Following ABRSM’s recent report on music making trends across the country Making Music, Teaching, Learning & Playing in the UK, we watch with interest to see how this bears out in our festivals.
Supporters of participating musicians are invited to come along and get involved with their local Regional Festival so they can hear the unique mix of music being performed and see for themselves the great work happening in music education today.”

“ABRSM is extremely proud to sponsor Music for Youth's Regional Festival Series and the charity's work. It's a partnership that dates back to 1995 and, together, we want to inspire as many people as we can to participate and progress in music. Giving young musicians the opportunity to perform live and receive feedback from MFY mentors is something we applaud loudly.' - Leslie East, Chief Executive, ABRSM.
To find your nearest event and to enter to take part in the MFY Season 2015, visit until Monday 8 December.
For more information on the Regional Festival Series, sponsored by ABRSM, the exam board of the Royal Schools of Music, contact Music for Youth on 020 7759 1830 or email 

Want to support Music for Youth and help deliver more events for young musicians? Contact Lynn Simmonds on / 020 7759 1834

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