Date Published:1 September 2014
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Each year, Music for Youth works with a film production company (service provider) to film, produce and sell a souvenir DVD aimed at Schools Prom concert performers, their family and supporters. The DVD is part of Music for Youth’s official merchandise available to buy at the Schools Prom concerts. 

Music for Youth would like to work in partnership with a provider to produce a high quality film available to performers to remember this special occasion. We would like to invite submissions from a range of suppliers and would welcome proposals from providers who have not worked with Music for Youth before as well as those who an existing or have had a previous relationship with the organisation.

We will look for quality, high production values and value for money for our customers. As part of MFY’s official merchandise, we are also looking to work with a service provider that will provide return on investment that can be reinvested into delivering Music for Youth’s charitable activities. 

For more information, please download the full Invitation To Tender document here.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 12th September. 

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