Infinity Day!

Date Published:6 August 2014
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Teacher, workshop leader and choral director, Richard Frostick, led a morning of mass participatory musical activities and performances with around 500 primary school children at the MFY National Festival 2014.

‘Infinity Begins with I’ was launched back in Autumn 2013 and provides non-specialist primary school teachers with a resource pack of practical tools and online tutorials to guide them through a six week creative music project in the classroom.

To celebrate the achievements of participating schools in the Infinity project, as well as to support teachers learning more about the resource, a special event was hosted at the MFY National Festival that put ‘Infinity’ into action.

Using the ‘infinity’ theme, all 500 young people and their teachers took part in a massed music workshop and devised a new composition in just one morning. Schools who had already used the resource in the classroom and composed a new piece were invited to perform and share their work on stage in the Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire, in front of their peers.

After the morning activities, schools were able to listen to performances in other festival venues and see performances from traditional and international groups and choirs in Symphony Hall and Town Hall.

‘Infinity Begins with I’ was sponsored by the National Union of Teachers, Aviva, Countdown and Musicians’ Union.

‘Infinity begins with I’ is still available to download and view online at

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