Britten & Beyond Centenary Celebrations

Date Published:5 August 2014
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Britten & Beyond Musicians

Britten & Beyond has brought together 20 groups of young musicians from primary and secondary schools, youth orchestras and choirs from the UK and overseas, to take part in an international twinning project celebrating the centenary of Benjamin Britten.

In this unique event of live and videoed performances, the Britten & Beyond project culminated at the MFY National Festival 2014 with a sharing of the global activity featuring groups of young musicians from places as far as Armenia, Jordan and the USA. 

The event brought together 20 groups who, over the past year, have documented their journey and musical activities through the Britten & Beyond project at
The groups were able to unite for a specially created performance led by musician and educator, Pete Letanka. 

You can view this event in full below.


Britten & Beyond was made possible by British Council, with support from Britten 100 and Britten-Pears Foundation.

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