Calling all young emerging DJs, bands, producers and vocalists for Frequencies

Date Published:7 August 2014
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Bringing together young electronic, urban and indie artists, Frequencies is a new music event taking place at the Manchester Academy in September.

Coming to Manchester on 27 and 28 September, Frequencies will take over the Academy for two days inviting young artists, aged 21 and under, to take part in a day of music industry talks and professional forums. Young artists will get closer to the ins and outs of the music business with advice from those in the know. Young musicians can hone their DJ skills, collaborate with other musicians, and find out how to make it in the music business.

Following the day schedule of events, the doors to the Academy will open for audiences as Frequencies goes live. Audiences will hear new talent performing their take on original and new music or popular pieces – a gig not to be missed.

“Manchester is the perfect home for Frequencies. With strong links to the music Industry, the city has exported some of the most influential music figures in recent times. This is a new event for MFY, and we are looking for new artists to be part of something big. For audiences, you can uncover the future talent in electronic, urban and indie music.” Judith Webster, Chief Executive.

Mike Walsh of XFM Radio, panellist on industry talks at Frequencies said, 'Anything that brings young people closer the business of music, and closer to realising their dreams within it as an artist, has to be a good thing.'

Want to get involved?
Whether you are a solo artist, a DJ, a three piece electronic outfit or an indie band - you can get your music heard.  

If you are 21 and under and want to be part of Frequencies sign up by Friday 29 August 2014 at  Auditions on Sunday 7 September 2014.

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