Royal Albert Hall Host Infant & Juniors National Partnership Award

Date Published:28 April 2014
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Young Musicians from St. James' C.E. Primary School Brass Band travelled across the country from Wardle, North West, to enjoy a full day of musical activities at the Royal Albert Hall. Their day at the Hall was part of the the National Partnership Award scheme launched by MFY at the National Festival 2013. St James' C.E Primary Schools Brass Band received the award for Infants and Junios following their performance at the National Festival 2013 in Birmingham.

Catherine Aden, Headteacher said:

"Friday was an amazing day from beginning to end. The day made the children and staff feel so special."

One the young musicians said:

"The whole day was awesome, the meal was fantastic and the photos on the walls in the room made us feel really important, knowing that famous people had been there before us!"

As part of their award, the group were given a tour around the Hall including back stage access and tickets to the Classical Spectacular Schools Matinee. For many of the young musicians, this was their first experience of a live concert in one of the world's most famous concert halls.

Caroline McNamara, Royal Albert Hall remarked:

"We were extremely delighted to host St James' C.E Primary School, where even some pupils had not visited London before. It was a special day and one which we hope will be part of their musical journey for many years to come."

MFY will announce details of this year's National Partnership Awards 2014 at the MFY National Festival in June 2014.

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