40,000 Young Musicians Get Their Music Heard!

Date Published:28 April 2014
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Between February and April 2014, nearly 40,000 young musicians had their music heard during the Regional Festival Series 2014, sponsored by ABRSM, the exam board of the Royal Schools of Music.

In venues across the country, we heard performances from around 1,400 groups. Music performed covered a range of musical styles from jazz and blues to western classical, and pop and rock to international music. Any group of young musicians, aged 21 and under, were invited to perform on stage at one of more than 50 festivals around the country.

On taking part in the festival series, one music leader said:

"It has given the band more confidence as performers both individually and as a group. They enjoyed performing on the day and have really taken on board the feedback from the Music Mentors and are looking at ways to improve their music making. As a tutor it is lovely to see them achieve, develop and aspire to greater things. The experience has been well advertised at the school and has already seen an increase in the number of pupils wanting to learn a musical instrument."

One young musician commented:

"As I was performing my piece, I heard some of the other children in the crowd saying "WOW!" which encouraged me, and made me feel proud of our piece, because we had made it from scratch. Also, the Music Mentors comments were very encouraging, and I think that we will take them on board, to make our performances better."

Leslie East, Chief Executive, ABRSM:

"ABRSM is extremely proud to be the headline sponsor of Music for Youth's Regional Festival Series and to support the charity's Schools Prom concerts and National Festival. It's a partnership that dates back to 1995 and, together, we want to inspire as many people as we can to participate and progress in music. Giving young musicians the opportunity to perform live and receive feedback from MFY mentors is something we applaud loudly."

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