Young Musicians Are Getting Their Music Heard!

Date Published:11 March 2014
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The Regional Festival Series, sponsored by ABRSM, the exam board of the Royal Schools of Music, is well underway with young musicians, all aged 21 and under, taking to stages located the length and breadth of the UK.

The Regional Festivals provide a performance platform for young musicians to get their music heard by new audiences. Entries to the Regional Festival Series are open to all types of music groups, any style of music and all musical abilities. Already, we have heard multiple genres of music - from samba and folk to African drumming and western classical; welcomed groups that have been together for just a number of months; and listened to performers as young as 4 years old at the very start of their musical journeys.

All groups receive valuable, constructive feedback from our MFY Music Mentors on their performance, choice of song, arrangement, and style of playing to help them progress and develop their music-making further.

The Regional Festival Series takes place at the beginning of the MFY festival season and provides progression routes to events such as the MFY National Festival in Birmingham - a five day event in multiple venues across the city of Birmingham, and then on to our showcase events, such as the spectacular Schools Prom concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in November

The Regional Festival Series happens between February and April 2014. See social media highlights from the series below:

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