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Date Published:5 March 2014
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2,000 primary school children from Hull and the East Riding experienced the wonder of Hull City Hall at the Primary Prom concert on Tuesday. The two free concerts, organised by MFY, gave children a chance to enjoy a wide range of musical styles in a concert hall setting. For many it was their first experience of a live concert.

The audience gasped with excitment at demonstrations of double bass and marimba, and joined St Thomas More Catholic School Chamber Choir in singing part of Dravidian Dithyramb. Joyful clapping accompanied Egglescliffe School Brass Band's rendition of the James Bond Theme by Monty Norman and presenter Sam Dunkley captivated the young people with his inspiring audience participation.

Accomplished and talented musicians, who are 21 and under and from Hull, Lincoln, Gateshead and Stockton-on-Tees, performed at the Primary Prom concerts designed to inspire young audiences to take up music. The performing groups were the City of Hull Youth Percussion Ensemble, St. Thomas More Chamber Choir, Egglescliffe School Brass Band, and Hot Club of Lincoln Minster School.

See highlights from the day via Twitter below:

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