Schools Prom - Massed Ensembles

This year, Music for Youth has programmed three Massed Ensembles across the three nights of the Schools Prom concert series. All of them unite young musicians from schools and music groups in areas around England.

Calderdale Massed Ensemble 

Uniting over 650 young people from across Calderdale, the Calderdale Music Ensemble will perform Tumhein Dil Lagi, a piece set in 13th century India, performed in the Qawwali style. 

The piece explores aspects of war and is set within the story of Razia Sultan and Malik Al-Tunia at battle for the throne of Dehli. Accompanying the massed choir will be a whole brass section providing scintillating bass lines and heart racing riffs accompanied by timpani players.

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Greater Manchester Music Hub Massed Ensemble

Tuesday's world premiere sees primary school choirs, junior choirs and the Greater Manchester Jazz Orchestra perform a brand new commission presented by the Greater Manchester Music Hub. 

The composer, Ed Puddick, has endeavoured to bring to life Secret Music, Siegfried Sassoon’s poem written in the trenches during the First World War where accomplished pianist Sassoon used his musical memories and imagination to escape the brutal reality of war.

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South Riverside Music Partnership Massed Ensemble

Four boroughs have come together to provide inspirational opportunities for young people across South London to encourage and nurture their musical progression. The London Breed is a brand new musical snapshot of London from the view of some of the performers, who have provided new words and musical elements entirely inspired by Benjamin Zephaniah's poem. 

Big Ben, The Shard, skylines, noise, traffic and many different languages all come into play in a work that encompasses classical, pop and experimental elements and exciting music technology.

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